Temwani Daka ”CHANGE ” lyrics


Verse 2:
Don’t live by probability
For you’re called to show God’s ability
In every part of your community
And doing your best is your responsibility
(And you should say)
Change should start with me
Must count on me like one two three
Coz you’re not you for nothing
Your purpose be a mystery
To those whose eyes cannot see
Umfwa iwe
Nelyo Ulenda naba nobe
Lesa akusalile wekafye
So c’inshi ec’o ukwete muminwe yobe?
Limbi ni nyali
Iyakusanika mumfimfi
So go ahead and be
The change that you wanna see
You are change, You are change
You are change, You are change
I am change, You are change
We are change, Let’s make change
The end!!!!
Ok these lyrics challenge me alot. I wont just be the one who sang this song.
I got lots of Change to make.

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