Am sure everybody is still puzzled as to whether the king of hip hop and main man of XYZ @Slapdee and the umupondo main man of KOPALA SWAG @Macky2kopala have finally settled their for so long musical differences to something of the past or not??
It is with a big smile and a heart filled with pride that I proudly confirm that two tigers have finally led the same mountain and even done greater things and made our lovely mother Zambia sore even higher than before.
Both artists took to instagram and posted a couple of
Pictures of them chilling together so dearly in Austrelia (Perth) on a musical business tour.
We all know Slap dee & Macky2 as one of the most way back artists in the zambian music industry who have definatly been consistant,made an outstanding number of hit songs,won most local awards and international nominations,managed to get themselves an ear from both local and foreign fans with alot of people calling them row models now.
These two hip hop morgues have definately paved a clear way to the international charts.
King Dizo has gone as far as representing Zambia at cork studios and made a whole lotta noise and even collaborated with other foreign artists.

same goes for King bugar who was in the big brother house and equally did outstanding work for sure.
For artists who have been in the game for more than 10 years of hardwork and struggles not forgetting them being family men,the huge rich super stardom life couldn’t have come at a better time.looking at their level in the Zambian music industry,their like the Zambian Jay-z & Diddy
On a real lol.
We’ve seen them travel outta country many times on their own agenders and for performances in other countries.The Perth experience is really going to give birth to positive views on Zambia’s ability to do it like the rest of the world through Slap dee & Macky 2.
Go kings go!!!!!

pictures above
sourced from @slapdee & @macky2kopala instagram account

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