Poetry: Justice For Vespers


A dark cloud fail over the the University Of Zambia, UNZA when they lost one of their own Vespers Shimuzila a student in the school of Education due to suffocation after a tear gas canister was thrown in her room during the riots by the students over delayed meal allowances.
Moses Zoe Phiri
A Law student pursuing a Bachelors degree,Moses is a Firth born in the family of six and raised by a single mother in Kitwe town of the Copperbelt.His a Prolific poet,spoken word artist,writer and radio personel..

Moses is the CEO and found of Poetry For Change p4c foundation. P4C is a youth led innovation and youth movement that uses different talents to help the orphans,less preveleged street children and disabled people in society..P
Their projects are community centered and the poem are mostly conscious and talk about society abnormalities such as GBV,HIV and AIDS,Peer Pressure,Rape,Defilement etc.P4C also organises events and whatever they raise goes to charity.