Letter to Z.A.M from Orga Ken (organized Family)


During our tour in Mozambique i learnt one thing about music loyalties that i want to share with you & all Zed musicians,in that Country all the Vehicles be it Tracks,Buses,small cars including Trains pay for listening to their local music,music in that Country is not for free like here in Zambia,their music Asociation & their hardworking Government came up with the Law of introducing the music disc like that for Road Tax,Fitness etc to be on all Vehicles,driving without the music disc on your car in Mozambique yo car wil be apprehended by Law by trafic officers,all those street venders who sale those compilation various artist cd’s have that disc or paper which makes it legal to sale those compilation since those guys pay to the Government & to the musician,this include even the computer owners in all shops & market places who sale music by charging for example one kwacha per song to put in yo phone and enjoy music without paying the artist and the Government,i thought of writing this letter to you our new Z.A.M executive board members who look so vibrant & ready to work to push our Government through Zamcops via Ratsa to collect these loyalties and make our hard working musicians collect thousands of dollars per 6months like our fellow musicians in Mozambique who are doing better than us because of the support the get from their music Asociation and their hardworking Government, let all night clubs,Hotels/Lodges,Bottle stores,local Aeroplans shops,super markets,Tarvens/Shabins, Tv & radio stations,filling stations,Buses who play music video pay audio and tv loyalties-music is not for free,,ORGA KENT.