Drifta Trek’s Before And After Album Release Party A Success


Drifta Trek had an Album Release Show last week night at club Vegas in long acres, and the show was a massive success as a lot of his fellow artists attended.

Legends in the game also made appearances, talk of Macky2, Dandy Crazy, Kb killer beat, Dalisoul mwana wamukomboni, Chef 187 and upcoming talent was equal to the task. Names such as Yo maps, Nezlong, and Daev just to mention but a few also performed at the event.. Yo maps his happening tracks, which are Finally ft Macky2, Kaleza and the current one making airwaves “System” on which he featured.

After these performances, the main man of the night Drifta trek took to the stage songs from his new album.Then the of Dalisoul, Dandy Macky2 and more also gave some performances with Chef I87 closing the show.p

Kb killer beat was outstanding as he put out the best of his master of the ceremony talent abilities!!!! Just at the end of the show, Macky2, Dandy Crazy and Dalisoul showed support by handing out sums of money as a way of supporting his music.
This was a gesture that should be uploaded, these guys having been in the industry for a long time, understand the struggle one has to endure to reach a certain level.

We as Zambiantunes.com would like to show appreciation to the artists that made it to the Album Release Show as this shows unity among artists and will therefore take the industry to greater heights. And to Drifta Trek together with other upcoming artists we say continue with the hard working spirit, as it takes determination, hard work and discipline to break the barriers in every aspect of success

The rapper took time to get selfies with those that purchased the album and his already confirming that the album is almost sold out.
Don’t be left out and get yourself a copy by contacting these numbers.. 0978925009 , 0975420550, and have It delivered to you within Lusaka. The update will soon be given on how you can get a copy if you outside Lusaka!!!