Bobby East & SmaQ Reconciled


Hip Hop artists SmaQ and Bobby East finally resolved their differences. This comes after many years rivalry between the two long time friends off rap feud which saw the duo diss each other on records. Although the culture might be disappointed, this is a genuinely good move for both rappers.

It is believed that Bobby East first reached out to SmaQ after making peace with his former collaborator and friend J.O.B. The duo held a confidential conversation and resolved their differences which surrounded the beef.

Two weeks ago SmaQ took to facebook to announce that the two rappers are now in good terms following their reconciliation talk.

rumors are that Bobby East and SmaQ are likely to collaborate anytime soon like it happened with J.O.B.
The two rappers collaborated on a HipHop classic called “Pay Slow” some years back which brought the rap game to a standstill.